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Home Rewiring Services in Northwest Arkansas

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In many homes in Northwest Arkansas, old home electrical wiring is no longer sufficient to meet modern demand. If your home needs new wiring installation, the team at Bud Anderson Home Services is ready to help. Our experienced electricians can handle electrical needs of all types, including home rewiring. Here is a closer look at what this service entails when you partner with Bud Anderson for your home’s rewiring needs.

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Signs You Need a Residential Wiring Upgrade

How can you tell if you need new electrical wiring? The best way to determine this is to look for the following signs:

  • Regularly tripping breakers
  • Inefficient power for your demand
  • Aluminum wiring
  • Tingling sensations when touching appliances
  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Warm or sparking outlets

If you’re noticing these problems, do not delay. Your safety is on the line. Contact Bud Anderson today to schedule a consultation with a licensed electrician to discuss home rewiring.

What a Home Rewire Entails

When our electricians tackle the job of rewiring a house, we will first determine the layout of your existing electrical wiring. We will then disconnect and, when possible, remove the old house wiring. Sometimes, it is impossible to remove the wiring completely, but we will ensure it is safely disconnected.

Next, we will add the new wiring. Even though the wiring is behind walls, new wiring doesn’t always require us to pull down your drywall. Using the basement, crawl space, or attic, we can carefully rewire your home and secure the wiring in place without pulling down the drywall completely. Sometimes, the job requires us to drill holes in the drywall, but we will strive to keep the walls in place. We will go room by room and install all of the wiring you need to get the home up to code.

Finally, after the wiring is in place, we will safely secure all switches and outlets to give you access to electricity when you need it. The amount of time this takes, and the cost to rewire a house, will depend on the size and layout of your home.

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How Long Does a Home Rewire Take?

The length of time it takes to rewire a house depends largely on the size of the house and the amount of wiring it has. On average, it will take between three to 10 days to complete this job. The team at Bud Anderson will work quickly but with a full focus on quality to ensure the job is done right.

Old wiring puts your house and your life at risk. Make sure your home’s wiring is up to date with the help of Bud Anderson. If you are not sure whether or not your home is properly wired, our electricians can provide a complete inspection to help you know what is best.

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Pros & Cons of DIY Home Rewiring vs. Professional Home Rewiring

There are many DIY home repair and remodeling projects you can do yourself. While a YouTube video may make many repairs seem easy, they often should really be left to professionals with the proper training and expertise. Home rewiring is at the top of that list.

Sure, rewiring your home by yourself can save you money. However, it can be a huge task. It can be challenging for starters to pull old wires out, rethread the new wires through the right holes behind the walls, and ensure that everything is properly connected and secured. Often, you can do significant damage to your walls during this process, which means you will also need to master drywall, painting, and other skills to repair the damage.

Of course, safety is another primary concern. Electricity is dangerous. Touch a live wire, and at best, you could end up in the hospital. At worst, it might be the last thing you do. Further, if you incorrectly connect a wire, it could cause an electrical fire that destroys your home. It is simply not worth the risk to save a few dollars, especially since professionally rewiring your home can add significant value to the property. This makes it an investment that pays considerable long-term dividends in safety, comfort, reliability, and increased property value.

Why Choose Bud Anderson for Electrical Services in NWA?

Bud Anderson is a trusted name in Northwest Arkansas. Our team has been serving the region since the 1980s, and we have built a reputation for integrity and professionalism. If you need an electrician in Fayetteville or a nearby city in Northwest Arkansas, that electrician is at Bud Anderson.

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Contact Bud Anderson for Home Rewiring

We encourage you to contact Bud Anderson Home Services at (479) 927-2700 to schedule home rewiring in Arkansas you can depend on! It’s our pleasure to bring your wiring up to date and your home up to code.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Rewiring

At what age should a house be rewired?

As a general rule of thumb, if the house is 30 years old, you should schedule an inspection to confirm it still meets modern safety standards and that the wiring is still in good condition. Not only can the wiring age, but many older homes weren’t built to deliver the amount of electricity the homes of the 21st century require.

How long does it take to rewire a home?

Most rewiring projects take two to three days to complete. The complexity of the wiring and the size of the home are the two largest factors that determine how long it will take. We work closely with our clients to schedule the process at the most convenient time and provide an accurate estimate of how long the process will take before we start work.

Can I live in the home during the rewiring process?

It’s best to relocate since power will be shut off, and there will be considerable disruption within the home until the process is complete.

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Furnace went out during this ridiculous weather and Bud Anderson was the only place I could get through to. First, they made sure I had another heat source (I did) then they arrived very quickly considering the weather. Problem was solved in a timely fashion and now my wife and kids will be very happy! Very professional service!
David V.

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I called other companies; some couldn’t get me in for 2 weeks or never called back. Due to having no power in multiple outlets throughout my home, Bud Anderson was able to schedule me first thing in the morning. I like the text updates, who your Technician will be, as well as they are on their way. Dwayne was professional, knowledgeable, and explained everything. Great Customer Service skills! Thank-you~

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Service call scheduled and completed in a quick manner. Aaron definitely knows heating and air systems and took the time to explain the issues and come up with a maintenance plan in the future. I strongly recommend this company.
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